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MPS-12C Series Magnetizer

Capacitance type magnetizerMPS-12C Capacitance type magnetizer are most suitable for Ferrite magnets, small and medium size AlNiCo magnets, rubble magnets, small rareearth magnets (Φ < 30mm), small motors, and loudspeaker. The output voltage of the magnetizer is adjustable.

General Features of MPS-12C Magnetizer:

Model  MPS-12C06/10  MPS-12C12/15  MPS-12C18/20
 Power Source  220V±20V, 10A  220V±20V, 10A  220V±20V, 10A
 Max Output Current  10,000A  15,000A  20,000A
 Charging Time  1 second  2 second  4 second
 Output Voltage  50-1200V  50-1200V  50-1200V
 Condenser Cap  600μF  1200μF  1800μF
 Max Output Energy  432J  864J  1296J
 Main Control Element  SCR
 Dimension  600W×600D×1200H
 Weight  100kg  125kg  150kg