Product Detail:

Tester Power Supply

Model: TPS-500

Tester Power Supply This apparatus is mainly used for the metrological department, laboratory and factories which produce gauge and instruments, coordinated with voltmeter and currentmeter to test the linefrequency meter.

It can also provide sine wave power supply for illumination linefrequency transformer and testing electro-machine.

General Features of Tester Power Supply

  Output Power   500VA (if necessary: 2000VA)
  Frequency Range   45 ~ 1000Hz
  Frequency Accuracy   0.05%
  Frequency Resolution   1Hz
  Output Voltage   0 ~ 50V, 50 ~ 100V, 100 ~ 150V, 150 ~ 300V four auto gears
  Voltage Resolution   by program control: 1mV, by panel: 0.1%×full range
  Voltage Stability   0.02% / 3 min, long time stability (8 hrs) outdo 0.1%
  Wave Distoration   outdo 0.5%
  Communicative Interface   RS232 standard, provide online programme order and communicative program
  Dimension   W450×H178×D520mm